Suzuki High-Tech, Inc.

On-going challenges for surface finishing business with environment technologies

Suzuki High-Tech, Inc.

Plating technology has become indispensable in electronics fields, such as computers, mobile-phones, automotive electronics, and more.

We challenge in a broad range of fields by providing technologies we have accumulated over the 110 years since our establishment.

We challenge on a variety of new projects, including surface finishing for automotive parts to improve electrification and fuel efficiency, in the next generation of automotive business.

We also provide new plated materials. Thus, we challenge for medical and healthcare businesses using MEMS and electro fine forming technologies.

As a leading company in plating business, we continuously challenge for surface finishing business providing environment technologies with the aim of achieving carbon neutral society.

Provided solutions

Funamushi imitation electroforming mouldsFunamushi imitation electroforming moulds
Funamushi imitation superhydrophilic sheetsFunamushi imitation superhydrophilic sheets
CFRP Plating CFRP Plating
Mesh for micro mist generation Mesh for micro mist generation
Mesh that can be freely designed for hole shape and arrangementMesh that can be freely designed for hole shape and arrangement

Plating technology

Plating of automotive part

Automotive Parts Plating

Semiconductor Component Plating

Production and Automation Systems

MEMS and Precision Electroforming Processing Technology

Biomimetics for a Sustainable Society

CFRP Plating

CFRTP Plating